We have one simple goal – find you the best professional at the most reasonable rate!

Our professional recruitment services leverage our vast network, cutting-edge technologies and traditional recruiting methodology to expedite the hiring process. We developed our process that uses a combination of in-depth candidate interviews, video-capture technology, and secure web-based profiles. Hundreds of candidates have been placed by us and we are continuing to grow through deep relationships with our clients and candidates. They recognize how we have differentiated ourselves from traditional firms and we want to thank them for their ongoing support and loyalty!

How we are about to differentiate ourselves:

  1. Market Analytics: Our knowledge of the market is a powerful competitive advantage. We understand the local IT labour giving you and your HR and procurement teams a realistic and accurate view of the supply, demand and salary expectations for skilled talent in your area;
  2. Customer Knowledge: Before finding the right person we invest the time to get to know you, your business, your IT initiatives, your corporate culture. Understanding the unique context that drives success in your organization, we can build the appropriate job description which improves attraction of the right candidate and further streamlines our ability to screen and select candidates who are a technical and cultural fit, and can quickly become productive team members,
  3. Sourcing Strategy: At its core, we have tried to surround ourselves with top talent and their network as our sourcing strategy. It really is about who you know. We tap top IT professionals for referrals to find proven talent and passive job seekers. And that’s in addition to our huge network, giving us better access to IT talent than other organizations. By utilizing a referral-based sourcing strategy and leveraging our massive network of IT professionals, we increase our selectivity, speed and effectiveness in finding top talent to meet your specific needs.

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