Managed Services

Improve application performance and achieve better business results through a flexible structure that enables you to fine tuneĀ  management services that you need.

Linden is focused on lowering your total costs by using proven processes, off-shore capabilities and a predictable cost model. Our approach leverages research, lessons learned and best practices from ITILĀ® and PMI frameworks to guide how we gather and understand requirements, facilitate knowledge transfer and provide a custom fit managed service.

Our Managed Service offering is helping client achieve:

  • Lower Cost:Through Centers of Excellence, we can achieve attractive blended rates though contracts, mixing low-cost capacity with access to highly-skilled senior specialists when needed
  • Predictable Performance: Improving the predictable performance of the application to defined service level
    Value Level Management: A lean application portfolio that is tightly coupled to business objectives and business case realization
  • Client-centric Governance: A strong focus on the right outcomes at the right time, the agility to quickly adapt to changing conditions, and efficient and accountable project management that leads to operational excellence
  • Innovation and Transformation: Drive the development of new ideas and breakthrough solutions through close collaboration, insight and thought leadership
  • Seamless Transition: A proven Managed Services transition methodology that is custom-built and designed to integrate people, process, technology and management practices seamlessly

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